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Cherry Ginever ACTL, AIRMT, Suzuki 1 Certified, NFCS.


"My name is Cherry Ginever - musician and piano teacher.   Music is in my passion"  

"I absolutely adore teaching small children from as young as 3 and a half years the Suzuki (mother tongue) Method of piano playing. Older children and adults use the traditional method to learn."


Cherry started playing as a toddler when her nana sat her on her lap to begin playing the piano.

"I started teaching at 18 years and have been teaching for over 20 years adding the necessary qualifications to do so."


Cherry supports her teaching with Trinity Certification, Suzuki Certification and New Zealand Registration as a teacher.

Student Concerts are  run annually.​

My love of music is infectious and the joy of music is my pleasure to share with my students

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